Established in 2001

LightGage develops and manufactures interferometer-based high-resolution 3D imagers. Our 3D engines employ wavelength diversity for high-speed submicron 3D metrology over large fields of view.

LightGage teams with institutions and industry to develop custom lidar systems, 3D metrology systems, digital holography systems, and 3D imagers that operate at large standoff distances.  By design, our light engines work in any environment.

We’re independent, founded in 2001 near Rochester, NY.  We’ve built an extensive IP portfolio.  Please contact us with your concepts and requirements.


To provide expertise to those that desire to extend the performance of current lidar systems.

To manufacture high-resolution 3D imaging systems in support of the semiconductor industry, additive manufacturing, and manufacturers of precision components.


High-Speed Image Acquisition

Active Illumination

Lasers and LED Light Sources

Advanced Detection

Computational Imaging