LightGage interferometer technology is used to measure complex 3D structures over large areas at high speed in production environments.  Large aspect ratios, rough surfaces, shiny parts.   Glass, ceramics, composites, metals, plastics and semiconductors.


LightGage 3D light engines are capable of measuring 3D objects at large standoff distances.  They do not employ moving parts or scanners and function properly in hostile environments.  We provide 3D point clouds to your software team.

Life science

We’re able to measure a vast array of 3D samples using digital holography for cancer research and personalized medicine.  Please tell us what you’d like to image.


Please call or write with additional questions.

Yes, in general.  However, depending on the requirements of the application, eye safety may not be required.

We have developed systems for use across the spectrum.  If lasers exist in the region of interest, our 3D imagers exist as well.

Yes, and we design and build our own precision optical assemblies.

We’re developing systems now for submicron metrology over a 450mm wafer.  If stitching is allowed, or if multiple 3D light engines is a possibility in your application, the limits on FOV can be extended significantly.

Yes, and depending on requirements, that range can be extended to 1km.  Please tell us what you want.